We were back to our usual numbers, but this Sunday instead of one goalie we had two. This cheered up the guys who could not hit the clangers. Even though we were down in numbers, the game was played at its usual frantic pace.We were only minutes into the first half and our new goalie Ross was soon to come up against Hot Dog, who put a shot past him to open the scoring. Soon after Greg McIntyre scored for the whites. Before the game was over he had scored another three.It was obvious  Callys Knee was on the mend with the way he twisted and turned from one end of the ice to the other to put the puck past Jaqui into the net. I think the colours won 7 – 6 . One or two may say otherwise, but they are not the ones typing this letter ?  With 15 = £ 150 – ice £117 = £ 33 .

Right guys I had a complaint from the management of the Galleon Centre. Two guys never paid entrance into the centre. When you pay me £ 10 to play. It does not include the entrance fee into the Galleon centre. Everyone pays  £ 1, 45 at the turnstile. I covered the cost for this out of my own pocket. That means I will be one whiskey short this Friday !

Still have socks if anyone needs them. £ 8 a pair.   See you guys on Sunday. Davie

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