Sunday the 12th

Once again we had a large turn out. With Jaqui and Ross in goals,and twenty one playing I dont mind admitting, I did not do a very good job of picking the lines. As the game got under way it was easy to see the colours were the stronger side, or was it the whites never clicked ? The first twenty minutes of the first half was the better part of the game. More so, with L Tyson back from being of with some clinical  amnesia. At least he could remember how to score a goal. All most as bad as Albert about to go on the ice last week with his jersey on back to front ? All most as bad as myself forgetting to write up E McBride and A McLellans goals from last week. After half an hour of the first period I offered to swap players over at half time to help try and balance the teams. All I will say to this was. We had another incident where the atmosphere was briefly sucked out the game. Keep going like this we would be better playing on the moon ? Enough said !
The second half the colours seamed to get stronger,with D Davidson scoring goals and setting up the play. For the whites it was good to see Boner getting on the score sheet with  Arnar, Cally and M Laird. If I have missed you out let me know next week.
It was good to see M Mcbride, P Smith and P Palazzi back with us.
The past few months the numbers have increased quite a bit. Therefore I think we should stop anyone joining our ranks for now, and only allow some one in by invitation .
Also if anyone wants to have a go at picking the teams. Or have ideas they would like to put forward on picking teams. Speak up.Let us know.
We had 23 = £ 220 – ice £ 121 = £ 99.
See you Sunday Davie.

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