Sunday 28th December 2014

Colours 2.  Whites 5.

After the Christmas festivities, we only managed to muster ten players for our weekly game at the Galleon Centre. This was either due to an over indulgence of to much turkey, or the liquid stuff. Or could it have been, being dragged off to the sales by wives, partners etc. Or just being to lazy to get out of bed.

Davie made the effort to come down, despite having a bad chest infection but unfortunately didn’t play, so his tenner was sorely missed.

It was four on four against the Clangers with one on the bench. No problem with the change ups. Some were begging to come off, me included. Despite the low numbers the game was played at a brisk pace with a lot of good plays and passing by both teams. Billy M was first to chime the Clanger for the Colours then the Whites went ahead with two before the break.  The second period saw the Whites increase their lead. Again some nice play by both teams. Then Billy M was sent up by Pat to squat on the blue line and also to be near the bench so he didn’t have to skate to far in case he needed a rest.  The Whites were up the other end doing their best to up their score when one of the Colours managed to get pass to Blue Line William, who despite young Danny going back to try and stop him at his usual 100mph, manage to hit the jackpot. After that the Whites had had enough and went on to rattle in a few more so that they could go home with a smile on their faces.

Noticed the father and sons  ( LAWRIE & Richard, Paul  & Danny ) who were on the opposite sides, seemed to take great delight in decking one and other. Good to see that big Alan managed to get a few against the Clangers this week as he was absolute rubbish last week,

Davie thanks for getting me on the winning team once again. Pat went away with a sad look on his face. Wonder why? All kidding aside everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and felt better for the work out.

Starring for the Colours were.

Billy Mitchell (2)
Paul Davidson
Richard Tyson
Pat Kane

And the Whites.

Danny Davidson (1)
Alan Gibson (2)
Joe Barr (1)
Alberto (1)

Remember to come along for the first game of 2015 next week and work off any excesses from the previous year.

Yours in Hockey,


PS. Happy New Year to a you all.

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