Sunday 28 July

Once again we had a good turn out, sixteen including Jaqui, and Danny in goals.As we had seven on each bench , we played four aside which allowed the game to be played at a faster pace, and let everyone show off their hockey skills.”!
This report might be less accurate than the others I have fingered over the years, because of all my coughing and spluttering, I struggled to fully concentrate on the game. Know doubt the usual one or two will let me know, their goal or assist was not mentioned. I am well aware this report might not be a good as the guy who did it for years.You know who I mean. Some call him the Fenwick Flyer, Some have been nicer, calling him the wee baaaa, then I heard someone call him the Hobbit..Just having ago because he had a good game on Sunday. Well played Albert.
Well done to S Mehigan who gets better as the weeks go on.
The first few minutes of the game were quite even, with both teams having shots on the goals.Then I think it was Cally who opened the scoring with a shot past Jaqui into the net. It was not long before Hot Dog and C Stewart scored for the whites.Before half time R for the whites and P McBride for the colours were back on the score sheet to bring both teams even at half time.
The second half was pretty much the same as the first. Albert was clocked trying to stick Cally. Then P Davidson trying to entice Albert into a square go for taking the puck from him and setting his team up to score.J Wylie was still showing of his moves. The ones where you try to skate past him, and you are stuck on the boards. Hot Dog helped keep the whites even with the colours until fifteen minutes before the end when he had to leave to restore his energy for a game he was playing in Edinburgh.
It was at that time I received a pass from Cally, skated into the whites zone, and passed to P Davidson who scored. After a cracking game, and good banter on and of the ice. The colours beat the whites 7 – 3
With 16 = £ 160 – ice at £ 120, = £ 40
It was good to see Andrew Jarvie taking time to come along for a game. All the way from Wales. Andrew, once again offered to volunteer his services as referee for our charity game. If anyone knows someone who would like to help him let me know A,S,A,P. There will probably be a change to the face off time.
We are thinking 4pm, because the next day is a school day. I will confirm this next week
I am in the process of making up teams for this. If you can not manage. Could you let me know.
See you Sunday, Davie.

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