Sunday 25th

Another good turn out on Sunday with 16 playing and Jaqui back between the pipes. After yours truly picked two well balanced teams the game got off to its usual flying start with the young guys setting the pace.  Hot Dog was going that fast the only time you saw him was when he stopped for water. Begining to think he is taking the same energy pill as L Tyson. Lawrie’s almost playing as well as he did in the 70s. I heard rumblings from P Davidson, about testing him for speed. Paul ,check his new water bottle ? Its possible, it was filled at the fountain of youth. i,e. Water trough at Alberts farm. On with the game. With a spectacular shot from J Barr who put the puck through the hole in one of the clangers. All I will say, it was more thrilling for Joe. It was a good fast paced end, to end game with plenty of banter thrown in for good measure. The game finished 6 – 5 to the whites.

Albert let us know he would not make it, because of a cold bug.Hope you can make it this Sunday.J Wylie will not be with us for the next six weeks , due to an operation to straighten one of his pinkies. Question mark hangs over Cally, as to whether he damaged his knee or not. Young A Jarvie has left our ranks and gone off to work in wales. Good luck Andrew. I am being nice because he works in the tax office.

With 17 = £ 170 – ice = £ 53.          Will have more socks with me on Sunday at £ 10 a pair.   Davie.


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