Sunday 23 July

We had seventeen playing inc Jaqui and M in goals.Much to my surprise the new guy D Pritchard came back for more punishment. This time ,without his Fife Flyers top.Is it possible he enjoys playing beside so many talented people.? Or maybe he has the hockey bug ?””
The game started at 100 mph, with Hot Dog opening the scoring for the whites. However within two minutes young D Davidson put one past Jaqui to level the score. About a minute later his old boy, Paul. Put another in Jaquis net. As much as the whites came at the colours , they were finding it harder to get the puck in the net. The colours played a far better passing game than the whites .This showed in the scores. By half time the score was 9 – 4 to the colours. At one stage of the first half, someone chipped the puck up over Jaqui, and it disappeared. Just as well we have a couple of cops in the club. Who were able to make sure it was recovered with care and sensitivity after it it dropped down Jaquis back under her jersey.
The second half got under way at break speed, with the whites starting to get past the colours defence and score more goals. It was twenty minutes into the second half before the colours scored. M was managing to block everything that was thrown at him, until Cally fired a shot like a sam missile into his net. We could clearly see with all the shots on Ms net, he was a bit shell shocked. If the whites had passed the puck better the score would have been closer.
However the final score was 20 – 9 for the colours.
We had 17 – £ 170 – ice = £ 50
A reminder…. The charity match is Sunday 30th August, 3, 40 face off.
If you have friends, family, etc, coming along. Let them know there will be free tea, coffee, cokes, cakes, as you enter the ice rink. If it gets to cold. They can go upstairs to watch the game.
See you guys on Sunday Davie.

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