Sunday 22nd June game report.

Charity Game 30/08/15 for Sick Children. Face off 7pm. Let’s have names ASAP so teams can be fixed, sorry meant picked.

Sunday 22nd June game report.

We had a good turnout of fourteen plus two keepers for this weeks fun / serious knockabout. With Dave being away on his jaunt to Nottingham, I was charged with collecting the dosh and picking the teams as there was no sign of Pat. I asked Mr Tyson if he would like to do the honours of picking the teams but he declined. I now know why. I thought the teams were evenly matched, that was until Cally turned up. Now as I am the the slowest and the least agile I thought it only right and fair that he should be in my team. So young Ryan was duly despatched to the opposition.

The game got under way and for the first ten minutes it was an evenly matched game, in fact I’m sure Hotdog got the first goal for the Blacks. Then young Danny boy scored for the Whites and just after that yours truly got on the score sheet after a nice blue line pass from Mr J.Wylie [Electrical Contractors. All work undertaken with large discounts for fellow players ] Then I’m afraid Danny, James and Cally went on a bit of a goal spree. There were murmurs from the opposition that I was emulating Mr McAlpine and accused of team fixing. Of course I denied this. Our bench thought I had done a wonderful job in picking the teams, so to placate the opposition at half time we offered them Cally. They must have known that with accepting him in their team we could accuse them of the same dirty tricks, so they settled for James and gave us back young Ryan. Once we got under way again it must be noted that James scored three and young Ryan scored three so that cancelled the change out. Must say that the Blacks did have a better second half and Hotdog turned on the turbo charger and pulled a few goals back. Even the grumpy old cop said he managed to get one on the score sheet, although he didn’t produce any witness’s or evidence to corroborate his statement.

In between the pipes we had the experienced R. M. and Mr Bennet making his first or was it his second debut in goal for us. Both keepers had some spectacular saves and no broken neck guards or bones this week.

As usual after the game there was the usual slagging going on in the dressing room. I was even threatened with arrest for the most minor infringement of the Law, by you know who. Danny I thought your dad was a nice man. If I get nicked I’ll just get Joe the Barrista to defend me for a small fee. See what you missed Davie. The whites just edged it!

Blacks. Whites.

Paul McBride. Lawrie Tyson (2)

Greg McIntyre (1). James Wylie.

Paul Davidson (1). Danny Davidson (5)

Chris Stewart S Mehigan.

C Bone (1). Albert Pediani (1)

Hotdog (4). Cally ( Lots )

Ryan McIntyre. 1st half. Ryan McIntyre (3) 2nd half

James McPaul (3). James McPaul (1)
2nd half. 1st half.

Goalies C Bennet & R.M.

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