Sunday 21 Dec 2014

Quite a good turn out yesterday with sixteen playing, and no goalies. We were back to using clangers. Our resident goalie Jaqui is of on holiday. Who knows where? Probably watching some hockey match in the states. Two minutes into the game B Mitchell picked up a pass from J McPaul and scored from the blue line. Then J McPaul thumped the clangers, putting the colours two up. The whites had many a shot on goal but failed to connect with the clangers. Good to see young Danny Davidson back from working in Braemar. Such a talented young hockey player, you would never have noticed he had been away from hockey for two months. He had so many shots on goal, but just could not hit a clanger. In the first period A Gibson had about six shots on goal , but could not manage to hit a clanger. The whites changed tactics by playing P Kane forward. Causing the colours to go on the back foot and defend more.
The second half got under way with J McPaul thumping the clangers. Then F Bennet scored seconds later. A Pediani was causing problems for the whites, by playing players past the blue line, into the whites danger zone. On a few occasions the whites managed to break away and get behind the colours defence to hit almost every part of the goal, bar the clangers. The game finished 6 – 0 for the colours. I have no doubt some one has gone without a mention. To bad !
A wee note to all who come along. This is DROP IN KNOCK ABOUT HOCKEY. Where we are supposed to come along for the sheer enjoyment of hitting a puck. NOT SLAPPING ? ( MR BENNET ). I have listened to one or two, who feel the fun factor has been exchanged for more winning than anything else. We got new jerseys so we could look like a hockey team, and also for those of us who are colour blind. Can tell what side they are playing for ? As to the point of wrist shots being to high. These shots are not deliberate. The only way to control wrist shots. Would be to make people try and score 5 feet from the goal. Its ice hockey and most of us are not very accurate at what we do on the ice, on Sunday mornings. Out with all this. I thought we had a good game on Sunday.
We had 17 = £170 – ice = £ 53
I hope you all have a good xmas, and hope to see most of you along on Sunday. If only to shed the few pounds you may have put on.

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