Sunday 1st March

As most of you requested we are back to the news letter being sent by email. Know doubt one of you will be able to advise me on how to post it in to our web page. (As you can see its been figured out!)
Before I continue, I forgot to give P Davidson a mention for getting a goal last Sunday. ( P Davidson poaching on the blue line squeezed one past Jaqui into the net. )
Within minutes of the game starting Hot Dog stepped up a gear, weaving, twisting and turning, past all the players in colour jerseys. Then taking on young Ross in goals, and tapping the puck past his right shoulder into the net. Soon after J McPaul passed the puck to G McIntyre in the centre of the rink, who then skated to the blue line and scored hitting the clangers. We did not have to wait long until he thumped them again. With all this scoring lets hope he does not peek to soon before he gets married.  It was a good hard and fast game with plenty of banter thrown in for good measure.The game finished 5 – 3 for the colours.Glad to see the new lads J Murphy, and K Siura are as thick skinned as the rest of us. They keep coming back every Sunday for more punishment. Albert and I, with our good ladies went to the Clan v Fife game on Sunday night. Have to say they were almost as good as us ?? My Mrs thought xmas had come early. Me taking her out and buying her a bottle of water.
It was good to see C Stewart back throwing his weight about.
We had 22 = £ 210 – ice = £ 93
No doubt I have forgot to mention who scored a goal. So if you let me know on Sunday I will write it up
 See you guys on Sunday Davie.
For those of you who have ordered jerseys. Due to the volume in orders jersey 53 are slow sending them out.

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