At 0800  there were four of us wondering how many would turn out. By 0830 both changing rooms were heaving with bodies. Twenty one playing, Jaqui between the pipes, and the now famous clangers dangling from the nets. We had a couple of new lads join our ranks for the first time, thanks to some encouragement from Lawrie. Once again this was one of our better games. It was good end to end hockey. Dont know what Hot Dog , J McPaul , and young D Davidson have for their breakfast.As well as scoring goals these guys kept the game at 100 m,p,h. Cally thumped the clangers, scoring his first goal since joining us. Good to see Boner back after recovering from a broken hand, and Albert back, semi recovered from his chest infection. Albert  set up some nice plays against the colours by playing high in their half.( Gibby and Pat call it playing high. Others call it poaching. ) It appears the whites won 8 – 6. Remember guys NO HOCKEY THIS SUNDAY THE 8TH OF FEBRUARY. Back to normal the week after. We had 22 playing = £210 – ice at £ 117 = £ 93.In case anyone is interested, some of the guys are going for a skate at Braehead on Sunday afternoon to prevent them from going cold turkey.  Davie.

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