Sunday 15th March

With Jaqui in goals and two teams of nine, the game started at its usual fast pace. A Gibson dropped in for a game after taking time out from the rugby. R Paton back, fueled up and ready to go. As usual he forgot to come off  the ice after two minutes  Lawrie invited a new lad along, Mark Byrne. Could tell he was not too bad a player in his day. Showing he could still handle a stick and puck, In fact he was that good his debut goal was a pass back into his own
net. By the second half he found his way and scored to level the game. Cally did the same as mark, by scoring in his own net. By now some of us were beginning to think there were new rules in the game. Once again Cally came good by hitting the clangers. I could only agree with the comments from both sides about Jaquis game. She had a good game and made some cracking saves. Once again there was some dispute as to who won. To take a leaf out of Alberts book. My short memory and finger put this scribble together. I think it was 6 – 4 for the colours. Plus we hit the clangers more than the whites.
On a sad note. Billy Mitchell fell on the ice going for the puck. He was helped off skating on one leg. A Gibson took him straight to hospital after the game, where he was told he had a broken leg. I have not got the full story yet, but I think they stuck a couple of bolts in his leg. On behalf of all the guys, We wish Billy a speedy recovery.
Marks girl friend kindly snapped a few pictures of us. I have only managed to send one to Albert. So maybe Albert could send it on, while I try to configure this windows 8.1.
We had 19 = £ 190 – ice = £73
Sea you Sunday Davie.

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