Sunday 12 July 2015

It would be easier to list the guys who did not turn out for their hockey fix. However we still managed eleven, and no goalies. It was good to see McGrotty, and Axel back with us. N Shannon almost straight off the plane from New Zealand to get his hockey fix.
We had a new lad join us from the Coatbridge Redwings. When he phoned me asking to come along, and I explained the rules, i, e. no slap shots etc. I thought I had put him off. After watching him play, I soon realised there was no need to worry about his slap shot, cause he did not know how to work a wrist shot. There was also some growing concern about the jersey he was wearing. (Fife Flyers ) This had one or two growling ? After being shouted at for all sorts, In particular staying on the ice, five minutes at a time. (.He must have bumped into Greg, or R Patton somewhere. ) It was good to see he was of the same unstable mind as the rest of us, by asking if he could come back. For the record, his name is David Pritchard.
The game was played at quite a fast pace. With Hot Dog and D Davidson taking up the slack from the old and infirm. It was back to old time drop in with a bunch of guys knocking a puck about, and nothing taken seriously. After ten minutes chasing a puck up and down the ice. The older ones were starting to flag. Guys like M Laird, P Davidson, and big Murphy. It was just as well I was there to keep them on their toes ?””

With it being such a tight game, I think the score was 3 each. A good game with plenty of banter.
If you want to play in the charity game, on the 30th August. You will have to let me know by the 16th of August. If you come along after this date, you will not be playing in the game, as I have other guys ready to step in. The two team lists are nearly full.

As most of you know I make a big deal of the charity games. This one is special as two of the children from the Schiehallion ward 2a will be at the game , if well enough. Its on behalf of these two wee guys we are having this game. So they can thank the ward for the way they are cared for and look after.
The response so far, has been great, and the Galleon staff cant do enough to help make it happen.
See you guys on Sunday Davie.

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