Sunday 02 Aug

We had fourteen on ice, Jaqui in one net and our old friends the clangers in the other. Talking of old friends. It was good to see R Tyson back amongst us, along with the return of B Foley, and T McGrotty.
Once again we had to have an ice cut, due to a bunch of folk jumping about the ice with wee skirts . Creating divots the size of craters, and that was just the men ? !””
After a short warm up, the game soon got under way. Hot Dog was soon to find the colours defence were still sleeping as he skated behind them and scored. As well as creating chances for his team mates. His team were making sure their passes got to him. As much as the colours tried to slow him down, he always managed to get a pass to someone going into the colours defence zone. The colours passing was just as good until they crossed into the whites defence zone where most pucks were lost or given away in the corners. One goal that comes to mind, was L Tyson picked the puck out his net and passes to Cally. He then passes to Axel, who returns it to Cally as he skates between two whites. Lets go a wrist shot, like a heat seek missile, and scored. All you saw was the bulge in Jaquis net. No I do not mean Jaqui. Another goal came from a veteran of the Outlaws J Wylie. Also known as Wylie Coyote ? The old dog received a pass from boon on the half way line, skated past two defence men and scored. The bloody thing ricochet of the post and hit a clanger. Obvious he had been practising his wrist action? At half time the three slightly older guys on the colours bench, realised H Dog and J McPaul were waiting for us to come on, so they could take advantage of our lack of pace, and stamina. The whites silent man, Boon. Not only helped the whites defensibly, but had a few shots on goal. It was the latter stages of the first half, before the colours started to have an impact on the game.

The second half got under way with Cally thumping clangers, Automaticaly the colours thought this was the same as last week. By playing better in the second half and winning the game. The colours showed to be the better side in the second half, with more shots on the whites net, but struggled to thump the clangers. Jaqui was having a good game with only two goals getting passed her in the second half. In fact the score was tight with the whites winning 7 – 5. It was a good hard paced game enjoyed by all.
We had 14 = £ 140 – ice at £ 120 = £ 20
See you guys on Sunday

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