Sun 04 Oct

Outlaws Drop in Ice hockeyWith our two leaders not making it this weekend I was asked to keep you lot under control collect the money and see that the funds were increased to swell our coffers.

Davie had skived off for the weekend to watch his beloved Nottingham Panthers and pick up some tips on how to play the game. On Sunday morning Pat began his apprenticeship as a painter and decorator, doing up his new office, as he was to miserable to pay a time served one.

With being in charge it fell upon me to collect the dosh and select the teams. No one objected to my kind welcoming words of “Have you paid. No pay no play”. Then there was the question of team selection. Now the last time I picked the teams a large grumpy old Polisman who shall remain nameless complained regarding my last team selection. So being a kind and considerate chap, I offered him the chance to pick the teams. His reply ” All of us against you ya we B”. Having been in this dressing room for some considerable time his response was nothing out of the ordinary. Had it been any different I would have had enquired was he feeling OK. As expected he declined to pick the teams. Enough of this tittle tattle on to the game.

Two EVENLY balanced teams took to the ice and and it was good to see some old faces back and we had Joe the Thunder’s goalie between one of the pipes for us. Thanks Joe. The game got off to its usual brisk start with both teams keeping the goalies busy. Both lads had some outstanding saves. It was during the first half that the Polisman scored from the blue line. I had to mention this as I was threaten with arrest for some cooked up misdemeanour if I didn’t. Possible goal of the game? No chance that went to Michelle. There was some outstanding play from both teams. The usual suspects Danny D, Cally, Jim McP and Stevie, AKA Hot Dog were the the main goal getters. It was a tight game and towards the end Hot Dog somehow managed to turn up the wick and scored a couple of goals or was it that the Colours were tiring. Whatever you are on HD can I have some. Joe B gave us a bit of a scare when he felt his defibrillator might decide to give him an electrical jolt or two to jee him up. He sensibly took a time out and managed to come back on and finish the game. Hope you are OK Joe.

The final score, haven’t a clue. It was close, the Whites just edged it I think. No as I’m doing this report they won.

Man of the match everyone who turned out. Michelle you get Lady of the match

The Whites.

Boon, Paul McB, Lawrie, Ryan, Arnar, Hot Dog, Joe B,
Collin, Albert.

The Colours.

Charlie, Michelle, Danny D, Paul D (The Polisman if you’ve not already guessed) Steven M, Jonathan, Cally, James McP.

Between the pipes Danny and Joe.

Money in 19 x £10 = £190 – Ice £120 balance left £70.

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