We were back to our usual numbers, but this Sunday instead of one goalie we had two. This cheered up the guys who could not hit the clangers. Even though we were down in numbers, the game was played at its usual frantic pace.We were only minutes into the first half and our new goalie Ross was soon to come up against Hot Dog, who put a shot past him to open the scoring. Soon after Greg McIntyre scored for the whites. Before the game was over he had scored another three.It was obvious  Callys Knee was on the mend with the way he twisted and turned from one end of the ice to the other to put the puck past Jaqui into the net. I think the colours won 7 – 6 . One or two may say otherwise, but they are not the ones typing this letter ?  With 15 = £ 150 – ice £117 = £ 33 .

Right guys I had a complaint from the management of the Galleon Centre. Two guys never paid entrance into the centre. When you pay me £ 10 to play. It does not include the entrance fee into the Galleon centre. Everyone pays  £ 1, 45 at the turnstile. I covered the cost for this out of my own pocket. That means I will be one whiskey short this Friday !

Still have socks if anyone needs them. £ 8 a pair.   See you guys on Sunday. Davie

Sunday morning as I was getting ready to pick the teams, it was as if a bus had pulled up outside and dropped ef a bunch of guys looking for a space in  the changing room . Most of these guys were from the Coyotes B, or C team. This swelled the numbers up to 20 plus Jaqui in goal. However as much as these guys pulled their weight, they very quickly fell into the same habit as some of the regulars. Staying on the ice too long ???  When there are as many playing we have to make sure there are line changes every two mins. This gives everyone the same amount of time on the ice.

The game got off to its usual fast pace with Hot Dog opening the scoring for the colours. A few minutes later J McPaul made it two for the colours. It was only after this the whites started to fight back. This was partly down to P Davidson and Gibby getting some balance in their team. Not only playing well together but playing up with their forward players. It was a good closely fought end to end game with the colours just edging it. Now there was some dispute as to whether it was a draw. Young Ryan thumped the clangers for the first time giving us the winning goal . The colours 6 whites 5. The usual dressing room banter followed. Especially to do with young Ryan sitting in Pats seat taking up half the dressing room with his kit. Even looked like Pat with his glasses on.

From now on, if anyone wants to invite some one along on a Sunday. could they let myself, Pat , or Albert know. That lets us try and judge if we are going to have too many players.   We had 20 at  £10 = £ 200  – ice £ 117 = £ 83.  Joe could not manage due to damaging his hamstring, and Pat could not manage due to a paper work load. See you Sunday. Davie.


At 0800  there were four of us wondering how many would turn out. By 0830 both changing rooms were heaving with bodies. Twenty one playing, Jaqui between the pipes, and the now famous clangers dangling from the nets. We had a couple of new lads join our ranks for the first time, thanks to some encouragement from Lawrie. Once again this was one of our better games. It was good end to end hockey. Dont know what Hot Dog , J McPaul , and young D Davidson have for their breakfast.As well as scoring goals these guys kept the game at 100 m,p,h. Cally thumped the clangers, scoring his first goal since joining us. Good to see Boner back after recovering from a broken hand, and Albert back, semi recovered from his chest infection. Albert  set up some nice plays against the colours by playing high in their half.( Gibby and Pat call it playing high. Others call it poaching. ) It appears the whites won 8 – 6. Remember guys NO HOCKEY THIS SUNDAY THE 8TH OF FEBRUARY. Back to normal the week after. We had 22 playing = £210 – ice at £ 117 = £ 93.In case anyone is interested, some of the guys are going for a skate at Braehead on Sunday afternoon to prevent them from going cold turkey.  Davie.

Sunday 25th

Another good turn out on Sunday with 16 playing and Jaqui back between the pipes. After yours truly picked two well balanced teams the game got off to its usual flying start with the young guys setting the pace.  Hot Dog was going that fast the only time you saw him was when he stopped for water. Begining to think he is taking the same energy pill as L Tyson. Lawrie’s almost playing as well as he did in the 70s. I heard rumblings from P Davidson, about testing him for speed. Paul ,check his new water bottle ? Its possible, it was filled at the fountain of youth. i,e. Water trough at Alberts farm. On with the game. With a spectacular shot from J Barr who put the puck through the hole in one of the clangers. All I will say, it was more thrilling for Joe. It was a good fast paced end, to end game with plenty of banter thrown in for good measure. The game finished 6 – 5 to the whites.

Albert let us know he would not make it, because of a cold bug.Hope you can make it this Sunday.J Wylie will not be with us for the next six weeks , due to an operation to straighten one of his pinkies. Question mark hangs over Cally, as to whether he damaged his knee or not. Young A Jarvie has left our ranks and gone off to work in wales. Good luck Andrew. I am being nice because he works in the tax office.

With 17 = £ 170 – ice = £ 53.          Will have more socks with me on Sunday at £ 10 a pair.   Davie.


18 Jan 2015

Ok its Saturday 24th, tomorrow is Hockey morning, yeah says me then I say I don’t remember doing the match report must check the site … nope not there hrmm unlikely but maybe I emailed it, nope! So the Moral of this is maybe Davies memory isn’t that bad maybe Match report writing cause’s amnesia.
Bearing in mind my lack of remembering I pieced to gather the following.

15 Player and 4 Clangers, took to the ice. A certain West of Scotland team playing from an unnamed arena. Decided to send a member of their staff down for additional training.
Davie didn’t come on the Ice wanting to give his chest another week to recover, but turned up to pick the teams, despite the Braehead influence the teams were very well matched, I had to drop off early but I believe it may even have been a draw. If it wasn’t it should have been!

Sunday 11th January 2015

Colour’s 3 White’s 1

13 Players & 1 goalie and a pair of Clangers took to the ice.

With Davie given a sick note Albert pick the teams. This caused no end of confusion initially telling people there were a colour then a white then changing again. Billy took his usual slagging and managed to refrain from giving a science lecture by refrain we mean he was threatened to be gagged with Albert’s Worn Jock strap (Donations to replace it will be accepted at the farm).


Net Minder Ross McLaren

Colours Whites
L Tyson 1 P Kane
R Tyson 1 A Gibson
J Wylie J Barr 1
P Davidson A Smith
A Pediani P Loveridge
Hotdog 1 R McGill
B Mitchell


After the hilarity we took to the ice Joe Barr opened the scoring for the whites, Hotdog, Richard and Billy had a number of shots on Ross to no avail only the legendary Laurie managed to slip one passed on a deflection from Pat’s knee. All was even as we entered the second half Ross continued to play guardian of the nets making saves with Lightning like reactions (did I mention its international year of light).  Pat got a lecture from Alan as to why not to let that wee bugger Billy shoot, which seemed to work as the little bugger never scored. Both teams continues there relentless assaults on their respective nets, when Hotdog managed to get the Clangers to ring, the colours celebrated like it was a Stanley Cup winning goal. The whites responded to this stepping up a gear and came close to scoring on a few occasions, however it was Richard who rounded off the scoring.

Laurie commented on how this was the first ever match both Tyson’s Scored, I am Sure Ann will be proud of her boys.

The only complaint came from Alan, who complained about having to go into the shower with Albert to turn the water cold.

Richard had some cameras with him to film the action.


Sunday 28th December 2014

Colours 2.  Whites 5.

After the Christmas festivities, we only managed to muster ten players for our weekly game at the Galleon Centre. This was either due to an over indulgence of to much turkey, or the liquid stuff. Or could it have been, being dragged off to the sales by wives, partners etc. Or just being to lazy to get out of bed.

Davie made the effort to come down, despite having a bad chest infection but unfortunately didn’t play, so his tenner was sorely missed.

It was four on four against the Clangers with one on the bench. No problem with the change ups. Some were begging to come off, me included. Despite the low numbers the game was played at a brisk pace with a lot of good plays and passing by both teams. Billy M was first to chime the Clanger for the Colours then the Whites went ahead with two before the break.  The second period saw the Whites increase their lead. Again some nice play by both teams. Then Billy M was sent up by Pat to squat on the blue line and also to be near the bench so he didn’t have to skate to far in case he needed a rest.  The Whites were up the other end doing their best to up their score when one of the Colours managed to get pass to Blue Line William, who despite young Danny going back to try and stop him at his usual 100mph, manage to hit the jackpot. After that the Whites had had enough and went on to rattle in a few more so that they could go home with a smile on their faces.

Noticed the father and sons  ( LAWRIE & Richard, Paul  & Danny ) who were on the opposite sides, seemed to take great delight in decking one and other. Good to see that big Alan managed to get a few against the Clangers this week as he was absolute rubbish last week,

Davie thanks for getting me on the winning team once again. Pat went away with a sad look on his face. Wonder why? All kidding aside everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and felt better for the work out.

Starring for the Colours were.

Billy Mitchell (2)
Paul Davidson
Richard Tyson
Pat Kane

And the Whites.

Danny Davidson (1)
Alan Gibson (2)
Joe Barr (1)
Alberto (1)

Remember to come along for the first game of 2015 next week and work off any excesses from the previous year.

Yours in Hockey,


PS. Happy New Year to a you all.

Sunday 21 Dec 2014

Quite a good turn out yesterday with sixteen playing, and no goalies. We were back to using clangers. Our resident goalie Jaqui is of on holiday. Who knows where? Probably watching some hockey match in the states. Two minutes into the game B Mitchell picked up a pass from J McPaul and scored from the blue line. Then J McPaul thumped the clangers, putting the colours two up. The whites had many a shot on goal but failed to connect with the clangers. Good to see young Danny Davidson back from working in Braemar. Such a talented young hockey player, you would never have noticed he had been away from hockey for two months. He had so many shots on goal, but just could not hit a clanger. In the first period A Gibson had about six shots on goal , but could not manage to hit a clanger. The whites changed tactics by playing P Kane forward. Causing the colours to go on the back foot and defend more.
The second half got under way with J McPaul thumping the clangers. Then F Bennet scored seconds later. A Pediani was causing problems for the whites, by playing players past the blue line, into the whites danger zone. On a few occasions the whites managed to break away and get behind the colours defence to hit almost every part of the goal, bar the clangers. The game finished 6 – 0 for the colours. I have no doubt some one has gone without a mention. To bad !
A wee note to all who come along. This is DROP IN KNOCK ABOUT HOCKEY. Where we are supposed to come along for the sheer enjoyment of hitting a puck. NOT SLAPPING ? ( MR BENNET ). I have listened to one or two, who feel the fun factor has been exchanged for more winning than anything else. We got new jerseys so we could look like a hockey team, and also for those of us who are colour blind. Can tell what side they are playing for ? As to the point of wrist shots being to high. These shots are not deliberate. The only way to control wrist shots. Would be to make people try and score 5 feet from the goal. Its ice hockey and most of us are not very accurate at what we do on the ice, on Sunday mornings. Out with all this. I thought we had a good game on Sunday.
We had 17 = £170 – ice = £ 53
I hope you all have a good xmas, and hope to see most of you along on Sunday. If only to shed the few pounds you may have put on.

Charity Game in aid of Cancer Research UK

Arriving in the ice rink at 07,10, worried in case we did not have enough players, and
everything would go to plan. Then Pat turned up 10 minutes later going over everything, checking his phone to see who could not make it. We sat in the dressing room at 7, 40 am drinking coffee when the door burst open. It was the Galleon staff checking to see if we required help, and to let us know that everything was in place for one of the most
eventful mornings on the Outlaws calendar. Soon after players arrived, one at a time, then two, together. Each time the door opened the noise, and laughter got louder. Some of which was based on B Mitchell’s gift of 24 cans of pussy juice, power drink to myself ?
As it got close to the face off I went out to check the clock in the ice rink. Jim Morris was setting up the time clock with P McBride sorting out score sheets, The spectator stand filling up with family, friends, and fellow players from other clubs, who had made time to offer there
support.Being the easy going laid back guy that I am, and knowing the talented players I had in my team. I let the whites have the extra man. They had 10,we had 9.
Goal scorers.
Colours. Whites
Goals. Assists. Goals. Assists
Hot Dog. 4. G McIntyre. B Mitchell. 1. M Laird
G McIntyre 1. R Paton. P Smith. 1. C Bone
An Gibson. 4
R Paton, F Bennett, P Kane.
A big thank you to the Greenock Piranhas for their donation, and coming along to support us. Also the guys and gals from the Caledonian Thunder, for their support. Last but not least ..All the wife’s, girl friends, boy friends, families, and anyone I may have missed,moor coming along and sitting in the cold to watch our game. To date we have raised £ 595 for Cancer Research. By Monday we should have £ 625 .
Just remembered, K Kerr of the Piranha 2 made a small donation.
A very big thanks to every one. Davie.
PS. The new jerseys have arrived. See you Sunday.
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