Sunday 28 July

Once again we had a good turn out, sixteen including Jaqui, and Danny in goals.As we had seven on each bench , we played four aside which allowed the game to be played at a faster pace, and let everyone show off their hockey skills.”!
This report might be less accurate than the others I have fingered over the years, because of all my coughing and spluttering, I struggled to fully concentrate on the game. Know doubt the usual one or two will let me know, their goal or assist was not mentioned. I am well aware this report might not be a good as the guy who did it for years.You know who I mean. Some call him the Fenwick Flyer, Some have been nicer, calling him the wee baaaa, then I heard someone call him the Hobbit..Just having ago because he had a good game on Sunday. Well played Albert.
Well done to S Mehigan who gets better as the weeks go on.
The first few minutes of the game were quite even, with both teams having shots on the goals.Then I think it was Cally who opened the scoring with a shot past Jaqui into the net. It was not long before Hot Dog and C Stewart scored for the whites.Before half time R for the whites and P McBride for the colours were back on the score sheet to bring both teams even at half time.
The second half was pretty much the same as the first. Albert was clocked trying to stick Cally. Then P Davidson trying to entice Albert into a square go for taking the puck from him and setting his team up to score.J Wylie was still showing of his moves. The ones where you try to skate past him, and you are stuck on the boards. Hot Dog helped keep the whites even with the colours until fifteen minutes before the end when he had to leave to restore his energy for a game he was playing in Edinburgh.
It was at that time I received a pass from Cally, skated into the whites zone, and passed to P Davidson who scored. After a cracking game, and good banter on and of the ice. The colours beat the whites 7 – 3
With 16 = £ 160 – ice at £ 120, = £ 40
It was good to see Andrew Jarvie taking time to come along for a game. All the way from Wales. Andrew, once again offered to volunteer his services as referee for our charity game. If anyone knows someone who would like to help him let me know A,S,A,P. There will probably be a change to the face off time.
We are thinking 4pm, because the next day is a school day. I will confirm this next week
I am in the process of making up teams for this. If you can not manage. Could you let me know.
See you Sunday, Davie.

Sunday 22nd June game report.

Charity Game 30/08/15 for Sick Children. Face off 7pm. Let’s have names ASAP so teams can be fixed, sorry meant picked.

Sunday 22nd June game report.

We had a good turnout of fourteen plus two keepers for this weeks fun / serious knockabout. With Dave being away on his jaunt to Nottingham, I was charged with collecting the dosh and picking the teams as there was no sign of Pat. I asked Mr Tyson if he would like to do the honours of picking the teams but he declined. I now know why. I thought the teams were evenly matched, that was until Cally turned up. Now as I am the the slowest and the least agile I thought it only right and fair that he should be in my team. So young Ryan was duly despatched to the opposition.

The game got under way and for the first ten minutes it was an evenly matched game, in fact I’m sure Hotdog got the first goal for the Blacks. Then young Danny boy scored for the Whites and just after that yours truly got on the score sheet after a nice blue line pass from Mr J.Wylie [Electrical Contractors. All work undertaken with large discounts for fellow players ] Then I’m afraid Danny, James and Cally went on a bit of a goal spree. There were murmurs from the opposition that I was emulating Mr McAlpine and accused of team fixing. Of course I denied this. Our bench thought I had done a wonderful job in picking the teams, so to placate the opposition at half time we offered them Cally. They must have known that with accepting him in their team we could accuse them of the same dirty tricks, so they settled for James and gave us back young Ryan. Once we got under way again it must be noted that James scored three and young Ryan scored three so that cancelled the change out. Must say that the Blacks did have a better second half and Hotdog turned on the turbo charger and pulled a few goals back. Even the grumpy old cop said he managed to get one on the score sheet, although he didn’t produce any witness’s or evidence to corroborate his statement.

In between the pipes we had the experienced R. M. and Mr Bennet making his first or was it his second debut in goal for us. Both keepers had some spectacular saves and no broken neck guards or bones this week.

As usual after the game there was the usual slagging going on in the dressing room. I was even threatened with arrest for the most minor infringement of the Law, by you know who. Danny I thought your dad was a nice man. If I get nicked I’ll just get Joe the Barrista to defend me for a small fee. See what you missed Davie. The whites just edged it!

Blacks. Whites.

Paul McBride. Lawrie Tyson (2)

Greg McIntyre (1). James Wylie.

Paul Davidson (1). Danny Davidson (5)

Chris Stewart S Mehigan.

C Bone (1). Albert Pediani (1)

Hotdog (4). Cally ( Lots )

Ryan McIntyre. 1st half. Ryan McIntyre (3) 2nd half

James McPaul (3). James McPaul (1)
2nd half. 1st half.

Goalies C Bennet & R.M.


We were back to our low count of numbers which let us play four a side. I know some prefer because of the size of the rink. With six on each team,  Jaqui in one goal and the clangers in the other, The game got off to a  great start with myself, one lung Dave,scoring the first goal with a nice back hand from the blue line. Two minutes later. The Fenwick Flyer picked up a nice pass in front of Jaqui, and slipped the puck into the corner of the net. However the party celebrations were put on hold when Hot Dog and Cally, with their fast pace and excellent stick skills came on for the whites.In fact they made the whites look like a semi – pro junior team ? Young D Davidson did his best helping the colours get six goals by half time. In most games would be a good score. Albert and I had a two minute con fab as to bring Hot Dog, or Cally over to the dark side. Instead we swapped Mr Mcl for Murphy in case one of the whites threw  a tantrum. We can only give his initials in case the MOB finds he is playing with us. In the first half, to be polite. He was not at his best. However in the second half, he came alive and scored three. Its possible he felt better playing in a white jersey
The second half the colours were hardly in the game. Even after big Murphy puked his lot and got rid of some weight. Like a true hockey player he got back on the ice and with a nice wrist shot skelped  a clanger. That was the best part of the second half for the colours. The whites ran the colours ragged. In fact I think everyone in the whites managed to score. Even Pat, sorry guys ? Poacher Pat  scored 3 thanks to Callys setting him up with some nice passes. Cally known for keeping the score on each game reckons the final tally was 27 – 7 for the whites. I am positive he puts notches on his stick for every goal he scores . After the game I saw Jaqui walking about in a ragged state.It was quite obvious she was shell shocked with so many pucks coming at her. Albert and I shared a lovely picture from Mr Tyson standing in a bar over looking a beach in Florida, holding on to a cold beer. My thoughts are with him too ?
B Mitchell dropped in, sorry hobbled, down to see us and reckons he will be back playing shortly. Thats once the NHS find the spanner to take the bolts out his leg ?
We had 13 = £ 130 – ice at £ 120 = £ 10
See you guys on Sunday, Davie.


On Sunday we had seventeen playing and no goalies, having no goalies we used Lawries clangers. With some of the young team playing at the fife tournament, the game was played at a more relaxed pace, and this gave one or two of the less experienced players time on the puck. There were loads of shots on goal, but very few on target. In fact I think Cally had more shots at the clangers than anyone else, and only made contact once. N Shannon who scored the week before, did the same again on Sunday. ( becoming a habit ). My highlight on Sunday was at the end of the game when N Shannons girlfriend wanted to kiss me.( Good to know I have still got it ? ) I did not follow through in case it put Nikkie of scoring.
Sunday was back to the usual fun and banter on and of the ice. I think everyone enjoyed the game. Very few could hit the clangers and the game ended with a draw, at two each.
We had 17 = £ 170 – ice at £ 121 = £ 49.
From everyone in the cub. We wish L Tyson and family a safe journey and a good holiday in Florida. Lucky bssssssss.
See you Sunday, Davie.

Sunday the 12th

Once again we had a large turn out. With Jaqui and Ross in goals,and twenty one playing I dont mind admitting, I did not do a very good job of picking the lines. As the game got under way it was easy to see the colours were the stronger side, or was it the whites never clicked ? The first twenty minutes of the first half was the better part of the game. More so, with L Tyson back from being of with some clinical  amnesia. At least he could remember how to score a goal. All most as bad as Albert about to go on the ice last week with his jersey on back to front ? All most as bad as myself forgetting to write up E McBride and A McLellans goals from last week. After half an hour of the first period I offered to swap players over at half time to help try and balance the teams. All I will say to this was. We had another incident where the atmosphere was briefly sucked out the game. Keep going like this we would be better playing on the moon ? Enough said !
The second half the colours seamed to get stronger,with D Davidson scoring goals and setting up the play. For the whites it was good to see Boner getting on the score sheet with  Arnar, Cally and M Laird. If I have missed you out let me know next week.
It was good to see M Mcbride, P Smith and P Palazzi back with us.
The past few months the numbers have increased quite a bit. Therefore I think we should stop anyone joining our ranks for now, and only allow some one in by invitation .
Also if anyone wants to have a go at picking the teams. Or have ideas they would like to put forward on picking teams. Speak up.Let us know.
We had 23 = £ 220 – ice £ 121 = £ 99.
See you Sunday Davie.

Easter Sunday

What a way to celebrate Easter Sunday. Jaqui and Ross in goals and the return of Joe, Pat, and Jim Wylie bringing our numbers to sixteen. Five minutes into the game Big Murphy unable to stop, clashed with Joe which led to a slight altercation between the two guys. Which led to Pat skating about shouting all sorts at Murphy. Eventually Joe and Murphy got together, made up and things settled down for a while ? The game resumed and everyone settled into playing a good end to end game. Hot dog with his usual fast pace dribbling in and out in trying to keep the colours ahead of the whites.However this was not to be. Pat scored two goals from the blue line, and the ( Fenwick Flyer ) Albert scored two, to help the whites level the score. Somebody should sabotage the wee  buggers stick. The game was end to end from start to finish. Oh ! Almost forgot. P Davidson, and A McLellan had a wee handbags at dawn moment just after half time, for which we stopped the game to let every one calm down.
I make no apology if the news letter is not as jovial as other weeks, and I am not writing more to do with the game. Two incidents created an atmosphere which took the fun out of the game. Before any of get on your high horses, I know its a game of ice hockey, tensions build, and some get over excited. This club is for people of all ability. Not just the guys who play recky hockey, or think they are Wayne Gretzkys.There has been many a time I have been clobbered and thought about reacting, but I dont. Back in the days of the tea cutters. When Albert used to skate on whale bones, and was six feet tall. After all the wee fights and tiffs. He is now four foot eight. Lets get back to having some fun in the game.
Only found out on Sunday after the game the cost of the ice has gone up from £ 117, 76 to £ 121, 17. There will be no increase in club fees.
We had 16 at £ 5 = £ 80 – ice £ 121. = A loss of £ 41.
See you Sunday Davie.

Sunday 15th March

With Jaqui in goals and two teams of nine, the game started at its usual fast pace. A Gibson dropped in for a game after taking time out from the rugby. R Paton back, fueled up and ready to go. As usual he forgot to come off  the ice after two minutes  Lawrie invited a new lad along, Mark Byrne. Could tell he was not too bad a player in his day. Showing he could still handle a stick and puck, In fact he was that good his debut goal was a pass back into his own
net. By the second half he found his way and scored to level the game. Cally did the same as mark, by scoring in his own net. By now some of us were beginning to think there were new rules in the game. Once again Cally came good by hitting the clangers. I could only agree with the comments from both sides about Jaquis game. She had a good game and made some cracking saves. Once again there was some dispute as to who won. To take a leaf out of Alberts book. My short memory and finger put this scribble together. I think it was 6 – 4 for the colours. Plus we hit the clangers more than the whites.
On a sad note. Billy Mitchell fell on the ice going for the puck. He was helped off skating on one leg. A Gibson took him straight to hospital after the game, where he was told he had a broken leg. I have not got the full story yet, but I think they stuck a couple of bolts in his leg. On behalf of all the guys, We wish Billy a speedy recovery.
Marks girl friend kindly snapped a few pictures of us. I have only managed to send one to Albert. So maybe Albert could send it on, while I try to configure this windows 8.1.
We had 19 = £ 190 – ice = £73
Sea you Sunday Davie.

Sunday 8th March

Another hard fast end to end Sunday morning with nineteen players and three goalies. In the first period the colours were the better side with Hot Dog and Cally putting a lot of pressure on the whites assisted by Ronnie, and P Davidson. With the whites being out played in the first half, I decided to swap Cally for young J Morris. After Cally went kicking and protesting over to the whites. ( Something about white does not suit his complexion, to clean looking. Something like that.? ) Five minutes into the second half the whites started to put the pressure on the colours. With L Tyson giving out some good passes to J McPaul, and Cally, who were now getting behind the colours defence and scoring. One of our new guys Kristian Siura may not be the best skater in the club, but no one can fault his work ratio. This guy gives everything as most of us witness every Sunday. The only problem is, if you get in his way. He takes you out. From now on I think we should call him the hit man. We had three goalies turn out, and all three had to work hard. Especially with an on fire P Davidson getting his first hat trick, and young Ryan clocking up four. Goodness knows how many Cally scored ? As I am sure most will agree the game was a draw.
 We had 19 players and 3 goalies. Could the goalies contact me if they are turning out on Sundays. Just in case we end up with to many.
With 21 = £ 210 – ice £ 117 = £ 93.
 Forgot to mention. Last week M Laird got two AMAZING :)) goals. Gawn yersel wee man.
See you guys on Sunday. Davie.

Sunday 1st March

As most of you requested we are back to the news letter being sent by email. Know doubt one of you will be able to advise me on how to post it in to our web page. (As you can see its been figured out!)
Before I continue, I forgot to give P Davidson a mention for getting a goal last Sunday. ( P Davidson poaching on the blue line squeezed one past Jaqui into the net. )
Within minutes of the game starting Hot Dog stepped up a gear, weaving, twisting and turning, past all the players in colour jerseys. Then taking on young Ross in goals, and tapping the puck past his right shoulder into the net. Soon after J McPaul passed the puck to G McIntyre in the centre of the rink, who then skated to the blue line and scored hitting the clangers. We did not have to wait long until he thumped them again. With all this scoring lets hope he does not peek to soon before he gets married.  It was a good hard and fast game with plenty of banter thrown in for good measure.The game finished 5 – 3 for the colours.Glad to see the new lads J Murphy, and K Siura are as thick skinned as the rest of us. They keep coming back every Sunday for more punishment. Albert and I, with our good ladies went to the Clan v Fife game on Sunday night. Have to say they were almost as good as us ?? My Mrs thought xmas had come early. Me taking her out and buying her a bottle of water.
It was good to see C Stewart back throwing his weight about.
We had 22 = £ 210 – ice = £ 93
No doubt I have forgot to mention who scored a goal. So if you let me know on Sunday I will write it up
 See you guys on Sunday Davie.
For those of you who have ordered jerseys. Due to the volume in orders jersey 53 are slow sending them out.