Easter Sunday

What a way to celebrate Easter Sunday. Jaqui and Ross in goals and the return of Joe, Pat, and Jim Wylie bringing our numbers to sixteen. Five minutes into the game Big Murphy unable to stop, clashed with Joe which led to a slight altercation between the two guys. Which led to Pat skating about shouting all sorts at Murphy. Eventually Joe and Murphy got together, made up and things settled down for a while ? The game resumed and everyone settled into playing a good end to end game. Hot dog with his usual fast pace dribbling in and out in trying to keep the colours ahead of the whites.However this was not to be. Pat scored two goals from the blue line, and the ( Fenwick Flyer ) Albert scored two, to help the whites level the score. Somebody should sabotage the wee  buggers stick. The game was end to end from start to finish. Oh ! Almost forgot. P Davidson, and A McLellan had a wee handbags at dawn moment just after half time, for which we stopped the game to let every one calm down.
I make no apology if the news letter is not as jovial as other weeks, and I am not writing more to do with the game. Two incidents created an atmosphere which took the fun out of the game. Before any of get on your high horses, I know its a game of ice hockey, tensions build, and some get over excited. This club is for people of all ability. Not just the guys who play recky hockey, or think they are Wayne Gretzkys.There has been many a time I have been clobbered and thought about reacting, but I dont. Back in the days of the tea cutters. When Albert used to skate on whale bones, and was six feet tall. After all the wee fights and tiffs. He is now four foot eight. Lets get back to having some fun in the game.
Only found out on Sunday after the game the cost of the ice has gone up from £ 117, 76 to £ 121, 17. There will be no increase in club fees.
We had 16 at £ 5 = £ 80 – ice £ 121. = A loss of £ 41.
See you Sunday Davie.

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