Sunday morning as I was getting ready to pick the teams, it was as if a bus had pulled up outside and dropped ef a bunch of guys looking for a space in  the changing room . Most of these guys were from the Coyotes B, or C team. This swelled the numbers up to 20 plus Jaqui in goal. However as much as these guys pulled their weight, they very quickly fell into the same habit as some of the regulars. Staying on the ice too long ???  When there are as many playing we have to make sure there are line changes every two mins. This gives everyone the same amount of time on the ice.

The game got off to its usual fast pace with Hot Dog opening the scoring for the colours. A few minutes later J McPaul made it two for the colours. It was only after this the whites started to fight back. This was partly down to P Davidson and Gibby getting some balance in their team. Not only playing well together but playing up with their forward players. It was a good closely fought end to end game with the colours just edging it. Now there was some dispute as to whether it was a draw. Young Ryan thumped the clangers for the first time giving us the winning goal . The colours 6 whites 5. The usual dressing room banter followed. Especially to do with young Ryan sitting in Pats seat taking up half the dressing room with his kit. Even looked like Pat with his glasses on.

From now on, if anyone wants to invite some one along on a Sunday. could they let myself, Pat , or Albert know. That lets us try and judge if we are going to have too many players.   We had 20 at  £10 = £ 200  – ice £ 117 = £ 83.  Joe could not manage due to damaging his hamstring, and Pat could not manage due to a paper work load. See you Sunday. Davie.

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