Sunday 11th January 2015

Colour’s 3 White’s 1

13 Players & 1 goalie and a pair of Clangers took to the ice.

With Davie given a sick note Albert pick the teams. This caused no end of confusion initially telling people there were a colour then a white then changing again. Billy took his usual slagging and managed to refrain from giving a science lecture by refrain we mean he was threatened to be gagged with Albert’s Worn Jock strap (Donations to replace it will be accepted at the farm).


Net Minder Ross McLaren

Colours Whites
L Tyson 1 P Kane
R Tyson 1 A Gibson
J Wylie J Barr 1
P Davidson A Smith
A Pediani P Loveridge
Hotdog 1 R McGill
B Mitchell


After the hilarity we took to the ice Joe Barr opened the scoring for the whites, Hotdog, Richard and Billy had a number of shots on Ross to no avail only the legendary Laurie managed to slip one passed on a deflection from Pat’s knee. All was even as we entered the second half Ross continued to play guardian of the nets making saves with Lightning like reactions (did I mention its international year of light).  Pat got a lecture from Alan as to why not to let that wee bugger Billy shoot, which seemed to work as the little bugger never scored. Both teams continues there relentless assaults on their respective nets, when Hotdog managed to get the Clangers to ring, the colours celebrated like it was a Stanley Cup winning goal. The whites responded to this stepping up a gear and came close to scoring on a few occasions, however it was Richard who rounded off the scoring.

Laurie commented on how this was the first ever match both Tyson’s Scored, I am Sure Ann will be proud of her boys.

The only complaint came from Alan, who complained about having to go into the shower with Albert to turn the water cold.

Richard had some cameras with him to film the action.


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