On Sunday we had seventeen playing and no goalies, having no goalies we used Lawries clangers. With some of the young team playing at the fife tournament, the game was played at a more relaxed pace, and this gave one or two of the less experienced players time on the puck. There were loads of shots on goal, but very few on target. In fact I think Cally had more shots at the clangers than anyone else, and only made contact once. N Shannon who scored the week before, did the same again on Sunday. ( becoming a habit ). My highlight on Sunday was at the end of the game when N Shannons girlfriend wanted to kiss me.( Good to know I have still got it ? ) I did not follow through in case it put Nikkie of scoring.
Sunday was back to the usual fun and banter on and of the ice. I think everyone enjoyed the game. Very few could hit the clangers and the game ended with a draw, at two each.
We had 17 = £ 170 – ice at £ 121 = £ 49.
From everyone in the cub. We wish L Tyson and family a safe journey and a good holiday in Florida. Lucky bssssssss.
See you Sunday, Davie.

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