18 Jan 2015

Ok its Saturday 24th, tomorrow is Hockey morning, yeah says me then I say I don’t remember doing the match report must check the site … nope not there hrmm unlikely but maybe I emailed it, nope! So the Moral of this is maybe Davies memory isn’t that bad maybe Match report writing cause’s amnesia.
Bearing in mind my lack of remembering I pieced to gather the following.

15 Player and 4 Clangers, took to the ice. A certain West of Scotland team playing from an unnamed arena. Decided to send a member of their staff down for additional training.
Davie didn’t come on the Ice wanting to give his chest another week to recover, but turned up to pick the teams, despite the Braehead influence the teams were very well matched, I had to drop off early but I believe it may even have been a draw. If it wasn’t it should have been!

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