Sunday 8th March

Another hard fast end to end Sunday morning with nineteen players and three goalies. In the first period the colours were the better side with Hot Dog and Cally putting a lot of pressure on the whites assisted by Ronnie, and P Davidson. With the whites being out played in the first half, I decided to swap Cally for young J Morris. After Cally went kicking and protesting over to the whites. ( Something about white does not suit his complexion, to clean looking. Something like that.? ) Five minutes into the second half the whites started to put the pressure on the colours. With L Tyson giving out some good passes to J McPaul, and Cally, who were now getting behind the colours defence and scoring. One of our new guys Kristian Siura may not be the best skater in the club, but no one can fault his work ratio. This guy gives everything as most of us witness every Sunday. The only problem is, if you get in his way. He takes you out. From now on I think we should call him the hit man. We had three goalies turn out, and all three had to work hard. Especially with an on fire P Davidson getting his first hat trick, and young Ryan clocking up four. Goodness knows how many Cally scored ? As I am sure most will agree the game was a draw.
 We had 19 players and 3 goalies. Could the goalies contact me if they are turning out on Sundays. Just in case we end up with to many.
With 21 = £ 210 – ice £ 117 = £ 93.
 Forgot to mention. Last week M Laird got two AMAZING :)) goals. Gawn yersel wee man.
See you guys on Sunday. Davie.

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