We were back to our low count of numbers which let us play four a side. I know some prefer because of the size of the rink. With six on each team,  Jaqui in one goal and the clangers in the other, The game got off to a  great start with myself, one lung Dave,scoring the first goal with a nice back hand from the blue line. Two minutes later. The Fenwick Flyer picked up a nice pass in front of Jaqui, and slipped the puck into the corner of the net. However the party celebrations were put on hold when Hot Dog and Cally, with their fast pace and excellent stick skills came on for the whites.In fact they made the whites look like a semi – pro junior team ? Young D Davidson did his best helping the colours get six goals by half time. In most games would be a good score. Albert and I had a two minute con fab as to bring Hot Dog, or Cally over to the dark side. Instead we swapped Mr Mcl for Murphy in case one of the whites threw  a tantrum. We can only give his initials in case the MOB finds he is playing with us. In the first half, to be polite. He was not at his best. However in the second half, he came alive and scored three. Its possible he felt better playing in a white jersey
The second half the colours were hardly in the game. Even after big Murphy puked his lot and got rid of some weight. Like a true hockey player he got back on the ice and with a nice wrist shot skelped  a clanger. That was the best part of the second half for the colours. The whites ran the colours ragged. In fact I think everyone in the whites managed to score. Even Pat, sorry guys ? Poacher Pat  scored 3 thanks to Callys setting him up with some nice passes. Cally known for keeping the score on each game reckons the final tally was 27 – 7 for the whites. I am positive he puts notches on his stick for every goal he scores . After the game I saw Jaqui walking about in a ragged state.It was quite obvious she was shell shocked with so many pucks coming at her. Albert and I shared a lovely picture from Mr Tyson standing in a bar over looking a beach in Florida, holding on to a cold beer. My thoughts are with him too ?
B Mitchell dropped in, sorry hobbled, down to see us and reckons he will be back playing shortly. Thats once the NHS find the spanner to take the bolts out his leg ?
We had 13 = £ 130 – ice at £ 120 = £ 10
See you guys on Sunday, Davie.

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