05 July 2015

Once again a turnout of sixteen, including Jaqui and Danny in goals. We had two well balanced teams expertly picked by myself, as usual. Albert and I are always amazed at all our brave hockey players, who when asked if someone would like to pick the teams, everyone takes three paces back. All though I must say I am starting to find it an art .
Again we had to wait for an ice cut due to a bunch of people jumping about putting big divots into the ice. Could not risk anyone doing another Billy. ( Broken leg )
Five minutes into the game and C Stewart opened the scoring for the whites, with a wrist shot past Danny into the right of his net.Within seconds Cally leveled the score by belting a screamer past Jaqui . Then R M scored putting the colours ahead. The game was end to end from start to finish. We were a bit surprised to see Cally having a bit of bother trying to get the puck from the Fenwick Flyer. Or could it be after all these years Alberts finding his feet. There was no respite in the second half, with both sides playing at a 100 mph. It was great to watch The likes of L Tyson, Cally, D Davidson, big Murphy, skating from one end of the ice showing good stick handling skills. Which takes me to when Cally sent me a thirty yard pass, where I skated past the whites defence,then had a shot at Danny. The puck came off his glove and fell to the ice. Danny reached for it, but with my sleek stick skills, and speed ? I knocked the puck past him into the net. I could tell this hurt most of the whites, than a knock back from their wives on a Friday night !!
After the game Hop along Mitchell was showing some of the guys pictures he had taken of the game. Not one of my goal !!!
Hope J Wylie is ok after stopping a puck with the hand he had an operation on. After seeing how the surgeons stitched it, can only hope he never needs plastic surgery to his coupon.
Good to see Murphy back, and Mr Paton.
Last week M Laird was quick to remind me of his three goals and five assists.
If you know of anyone who wants come along you will have to let me know. I have been asked by guys from the Coatbridge teams if theycan come as they have no hockey. I have refused most of them. If anyone is brought along without me knowing. I will turn them away.
Changes for the charity game are. 3. 30== 5, 30 Sunday 30th August. Please let me know if you want to play in the match, or you may get left out.
We had 16 = £160 – £120 for ice = £40

A Pediani D McAlpine G 1
M Laird G 2 L Tyson
D Davidson G 2 P Davidson G 3
J Murphy R M G 2
C Stewart G 6 Cally G 6
R Paton J Wylie
S Mehigan J Morris

Goalies J Jarvie, D Morris
Final score. The colours won, 12 – 10
See you guys on Sunday Davie.

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