Sun 01 November 2015

11026587_1007192782673862_8369393129749684373_nOn Sunday we had twenty six including two goalies. Good to see S Mehigan and P Smith back with us, and the pretty face of M McBride. With so many talented hockey players turning out I had to work hard, and dig into my years of experience to pick two evenly balanced teams. Pulling on a white jersey, I came under all sorts of verbal abuse.
Even when I went into the other changing room I was given pelters. It was a long time since I had been dressed up for Halloween ? One muppet told me the white helped bring out my complexion. I was only letting everyone know I was not racist.
Never new we had an artist in the club.Jaqui carved the Outlaws logo on a pumpkin,and It was great.
In fact it was good to play from the other bench. It meant the dressing room was closer for carrying the puck bag ??!! What surprised me was that some guys had preference as to the colour of shirt they wore. Sitting on the whites bench I realised I was with some decent guys, and girls that give the slightly older folks some respect. Not once did anyone call me an old bastard ?? was nice…
In spite of our swollen numbers we had a very fast game. The other thing I noticed was the quick line changes, because everyone wanted ice time.
The game was end to end, from start to finish. Young Ryan had been playing the night before, and I think when he turned out to play with us, he still had the night befores game in his head. Other than one or two hooking and slashing incidents. It was probably one of his better games in an Outlaws jersey. Pity his old man never played as well ??? He only managed to score one goal.
By the end of the first period the colours were in front by about three goals. At the start of the second half one of our Elite players. ( H Dog.) Clearly forgot what colour of jersey he was wearing and scored an own goal. Maybe the big cop on the ice should have given him directions as to what way he should go. He soon made up for his mistake by skating down the ice towing Cally who had his stick hooked under H Dogs arm. H Dog broke away, and scored.
I think it was young Danny Davidson who let go a shot, it bounced in front of Jaqui, through her legs into the net. Hope she was not in training with the Clan goalie as the same thing happened to him on Sat, night. !
The whites made a good come back in the second half. Especially with Cally leaving fifteen minutes before the end of the game. However the colours necked it by two goals.
Once again I had four enquires about joining us on Sunday mornings, and had to refuse. At the moment we have enough on the books.
We had 26, two lads admitted free. 24 = £ 240, – ice £ 120, = £ 120 in funds.
See you guys on Sunday Davie.

Sun 04 Oct

Outlaws Drop in Ice hockeyWith our two leaders not making it this weekend I was asked to keep you lot under control collect the money and see that the funds were increased to swell our coffers.

Davie had skived off for the weekend to watch his beloved Nottingham Panthers and pick up some tips on how to play the game. On Sunday morning Pat began his apprenticeship as a painter and decorator, doing up his new office, as he was to miserable to pay a time served one.

With being in charge it fell upon me to collect the dosh and select the teams. No one objected to my kind welcoming words of “Have you paid. No pay no play”. Then there was the question of team selection. Now the last time I picked the teams a large grumpy old Polisman who shall remain nameless complained regarding my last team selection. So being a kind and considerate chap, I offered him the chance to pick the teams. His reply ” All of us against you ya we B”. Having been in this dressing room for some considerable time his response was nothing out of the ordinary. Had it been any different I would have had enquired was he feeling OK. As expected he declined to pick the teams. Enough of this tittle tattle on to the game.

Two EVENLY balanced teams took to the ice and and it was good to see some old faces back and we had Joe the Thunder’s goalie between one of the pipes for us. Thanks Joe. The game got off to its usual brisk start with both teams keeping the goalies busy. Both lads had some outstanding saves. It was during the first half that the Polisman scored from the blue line. I had to mention this as I was threaten with arrest for some cooked up misdemeanour if I didn’t. Possible goal of the game? No chance that went to Michelle. There was some outstanding play from both teams. The usual suspects Danny D, Cally, Jim McP and Stevie, AKA Hot Dog were the the main goal getters. It was a tight game and towards the end Hot Dog somehow managed to turn up the wick and scored a couple of goals or was it that the Colours were tiring. Whatever you are on HD can I have some. Joe B gave us a bit of a scare when he felt his defibrillator might decide to give him an electrical jolt or two to jee him up. He sensibly took a time out and managed to come back on and finish the game. Hope you are OK Joe.

The final score, haven’t a clue. It was close, the Whites just edged it I think. No as I’m doing this report they won.

Man of the match everyone who turned out. Michelle you get Lady of the match

The Whites.

Boon, Paul McB, Lawrie, Ryan, Arnar, Hot Dog, Joe B,
Collin, Albert.

The Colours.

Charlie, Michelle, Danny D, Paul D (The Polisman if you’ve not already guessed) Steven M, Jonathan, Cally, James McP.

Between the pipes Danny and Joe.

Money in 19 x £10 = £190 – Ice £120 balance left £70.

Sun 06 Sep 2015

Outlaws Drop in Ice hockeyWhat a turnout three goalies and twenty one players. I think some were still feeling the buzz from last weeks charity game. Two guys missing were R Tyson with a damaged thumb. The other N Shannon with a broken wrist. No it never happened in a flashpoint hockey brawl. More likely stiffened someone at the last Clan game. ( Mon the Panthers. ).
After picking the lines I realised the colours were all defence players bar one. However the old pros, Like Lawrie, J Wylie, Cally, and myself, with our speed, and arsenal of tricks. We were able to play in any position.
As soon as the puck was dropped, H Dog was off like a rat up a drain pipe. Twisting and turning in and out the colours defence, with no one between him
and the colours goalie. He lets go a wrist shot !!! The goalie sticks out his mitt as though he was waving down a bus and catches the puck.
Enough of this shit ?
It was a very hard fast tight game. It was the usual guys scoring the goals. H Dog, Cally, D Davidson, etc. The final score was 8 – 6 to the whites.
It was good to see A Smith,Faith, J McPaul, and J Barr back with us.
Jaqui has set up a goalies page. Which means she will know if we have two, three, or maybe no goalies on a Sunday. Thus keeping myself in the loop, along with Lawrie. So he does not have to keep carrying the clangers in and out on a Sunday morning.
Now I will put the wee buggers and his side kick out their misery ? Yes Albert scored a goal, assisted by the lovely Elaine And Billy sliped one passed Ross’s Shoulder, A Puck that is.

With the last of the donations handed in on Sunday. Moneys raised, counted, and paid into the bank today. Totals £ 1, 391. After a brief discussion with Albert and Pat. We agreed to bring the donation up to £ 2,000. The parents and families of the two boys have passed on their thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.
Can I ask everyone to pass on our thanks to their families and friends, who gave up their time to come along, and those who never managed to see the game . Yet dug deep, for such a great cause.
Albert and I will be going to the sick childrens one day next week to hand over the cheque.
Thanks Davie.

Charity game 30th Aug 2015

Outlaws 30 Aug 2015
As everyone in the Outlaws know we have a charity game once a year. Normally we throw the names of charities at the guys, and come up with the charity we are playing for. One day a few months ago after being forced to work like a pit boy at Albert’s farm. I realised how lucky I was when Albert’s wife Joan came home. She Knew how the kettle worked. As we were having a coffee, Alberts daughter Natalie asked if we were having another charity match, and asked if we would give thought to having a thank you match for James Lumsden, and Matthew Fraser. This would be so we could raise money for the Schiehallion ward 2A Sick Children’s Hospital on their behalf.
After telling the guys at the club what we were planning,. everybody was up for it, and the sooner the better. So Albert and I set the wheels in motion. From booking the ice at an appropriate time, to making sure we had enough people to play. ( Summer holidays ).
We decided to have a raffle, sell programs,, give teas, and coffees at a small cost. This was something we had never tried before, and proved to be very successful.
The tension and excitement in both changing rooms was building, the noise of the usual banter, and chatter began to fade as the tension grew . Then bang ? would you believe it ! It was almost all out war in the colours changing room when we noticed an infiltrator. Like a homing pigeon Albert made his way to his bench seat. We let him settle for a minute, and then asked him in a very polite manner, to leave, offering him a hand, and a few kind words, as we showed him the door. Well,,, what he said to us on leaving, was not for the faint hearted. In fact one of the new guys thought he was spouting off in some Italian dialect.
Before the game began we gathered the team on the ice to present the young lads with an Outlaws jersey and an ice hockey medal. On looking round the rink, I was surprised at the amount of people coming in the door.

The puck was dropped and the game started at the usual hundred miles an hour. This time round everybody seemed to be playing as though their lives depended on it. This was a different feeling to our Sunday morning session. Mr McGrotty was right when he said it had taken to the end of the first period for both teams to settle. I wont bore you with who did what. This was a hockey match. Not a drop in hockey session
Hot Dog opened the scoring for the whites, then minutes later D Davidson scoring for the colours. We could see from the first period this was looking to be a tight game. Ten minutes into the game one of the whites got two minutes for slashing which the colours never seemed to take advantage of.

The second period seemed to be faster and harder. With the whites edging ahead 5 – 3 we could hear most of the crowd starting to support the whites. Every time H Dog collected the puck his fan base would start to make noises. It was obvious one or two of the older women had wee thing for him. Probably they wanted him to sign a program Or maybe some of the whites fans wanted a nude photo of J Wylie to put in their window to keep burglars away.

After a fifteen minute recess, the third period got under way. It was obvious the tension off both teams was being sensed by the refs. In the last period they had given two minutes to one of the whites for hooking. Though the whites tactics were starting to pay off, by closing down the colours forwards and giving H Dog the chance of breaking away to score.
The final score was 8 – 4 to the whites. With a game that had every thing that the new and old to ice hockey wanted to see. From goals, to penalties, and a wee skirmish. near the end of the match.

I cant thank everyone enough for making our charity match happen. From Alberts wife Joan, his sister in law, my wife. who worked non stop at the door, selling raffle tickets, teas, and coffees.
M Laird for making the posters, and programs. Big Bear bakery for supplying cakes. The ladies in the club who brought along more cakes, and biscuits.
A big thank you to Dougie Berry, Matthew Frasers Granda. For stepping in at the last minute to call the raffle.
James Morris and his wife for doing the time clock.
To all the guys at the outlaws. A big thanks from Albert and I for helping two wee boys. Say thanks to people who do so much for them, and many more. Who come through their ward.
See you Sunday,

Sunday 02 Aug

We had fourteen on ice, Jaqui in one net and our old friends the clangers in the other. Talking of old friends. It was good to see R Tyson back amongst us, along with the return of B Foley, and T McGrotty.
Once again we had to have an ice cut, due to a bunch of folk jumping about the ice with wee skirts . Creating divots the size of craters, and that was just the men ? !””
After a short warm up, the game soon got under way. Hot Dog was soon to find the colours defence were still sleeping as he skated behind them and scored. As well as creating chances for his team mates. His team were making sure their passes got to him. As much as the colours tried to slow him down, he always managed to get a pass to someone going into the colours defence zone. The colours passing was just as good until they crossed into the whites defence zone where most pucks were lost or given away in the corners. One goal that comes to mind, was L Tyson picked the puck out his net and passes to Cally. He then passes to Axel, who returns it to Cally as he skates between two whites. Lets go a wrist shot, like a heat seek missile, and scored. All you saw was the bulge in Jaquis net. No I do not mean Jaqui. Another goal came from a veteran of the Outlaws J Wylie. Also known as Wylie Coyote ? The old dog received a pass from boon on the half way line, skated past two defence men and scored. The bloody thing ricochet of the post and hit a clanger. Obvious he had been practising his wrist action? At half time the three slightly older guys on the colours bench, realised H Dog and J McPaul were waiting for us to come on, so they could take advantage of our lack of pace, and stamina. The whites silent man, Boon. Not only helped the whites defensibly, but had a few shots on goal. It was the latter stages of the first half, before the colours started to have an impact on the game.

The second half got under way with Cally thumping clangers, Automaticaly the colours thought this was the same as last week. By playing better in the second half and winning the game. The colours showed to be the better side in the second half, with more shots on the whites net, but struggled to thump the clangers. Jaqui was having a good game with only two goals getting passed her in the second half. In fact the score was tight with the whites winning 7 – 5. It was a good hard paced game enjoyed by all.
We had 14 = £ 140 – ice at £ 120 = £ 20
See you guys on Sunday

Sunday 23 July

We had seventeen playing inc Jaqui and M in goals.Much to my surprise the new guy D Pritchard came back for more punishment. This time ,without his Fife Flyers top.Is it possible he enjoys playing beside so many talented people.? Or maybe he has the hockey bug ?””
The game started at 100 mph, with Hot Dog opening the scoring for the whites. However within two minutes young D Davidson put one past Jaqui to level the score. About a minute later his old boy, Paul. Put another in Jaquis net. As much as the whites came at the colours , they were finding it harder to get the puck in the net. The colours played a far better passing game than the whites .This showed in the scores. By half time the score was 9 – 4 to the colours. At one stage of the first half, someone chipped the puck up over Jaqui, and it disappeared. Just as well we have a couple of cops in the club. Who were able to make sure it was recovered with care and sensitivity after it it dropped down Jaquis back under her jersey.
The second half got under way at break speed, with the whites starting to get past the colours defence and score more goals. It was twenty minutes into the second half before the colours scored. M was managing to block everything that was thrown at him, until Cally fired a shot like a sam missile into his net. We could clearly see with all the shots on Ms net, he was a bit shell shocked. If the whites had passed the puck better the score would have been closer.
However the final score was 20 – 9 for the colours.
We had 17 – £ 170 – ice = £ 50
A reminder…. The charity match is Sunday 30th August, 3, 40 face off.
If you have friends, family, etc, coming along. Let them know there will be free tea, coffee, cokes, cakes, as you enter the ice rink. If it gets to cold. They can go upstairs to watch the game.
See you guys on Sunday Davie.

Sunday 12 July 2015

It would be easier to list the guys who did not turn out for their hockey fix. However we still managed eleven, and no goalies. It was good to see McGrotty, and Axel back with us. N Shannon almost straight off the plane from New Zealand to get his hockey fix.
We had a new lad join us from the Coatbridge Redwings. When he phoned me asking to come along, and I explained the rules, i, e. no slap shots etc. I thought I had put him off. After watching him play, I soon realised there was no need to worry about his slap shot, cause he did not know how to work a wrist shot. There was also some growing concern about the jersey he was wearing. (Fife Flyers ) This had one or two growling ? After being shouted at for all sorts, In particular staying on the ice, five minutes at a time. (.He must have bumped into Greg, or R Patton somewhere. ) It was good to see he was of the same unstable mind as the rest of us, by asking if he could come back. For the record, his name is David Pritchard.
The game was played at quite a fast pace. With Hot Dog and D Davidson taking up the slack from the old and infirm. It was back to old time drop in with a bunch of guys knocking a puck about, and nothing taken seriously. After ten minutes chasing a puck up and down the ice. The older ones were starting to flag. Guys like M Laird, P Davidson, and big Murphy. It was just as well I was there to keep them on their toes ?””

With it being such a tight game, I think the score was 3 each. A good game with plenty of banter.
If you want to play in the charity game, on the 30th August. You will have to let me know by the 16th of August. If you come along after this date, you will not be playing in the game, as I have other guys ready to step in. The two team lists are nearly full.

As most of you know I make a big deal of the charity games. This one is special as two of the children from the Schiehallion ward 2a will be at the game , if well enough. Its on behalf of these two wee guys we are having this game. So they can thank the ward for the way they are cared for and look after.
The response so far, has been great, and the Galleon staff cant do enough to help make it happen.
See you guys on Sunday Davie.

05 July 2015

Once again a turnout of sixteen, including Jaqui and Danny in goals. We had two well balanced teams expertly picked by myself, as usual. Albert and I are always amazed at all our brave hockey players, who when asked if someone would like to pick the teams, everyone takes three paces back. All though I must say I am starting to find it an art .
Again we had to wait for an ice cut due to a bunch of people jumping about putting big divots into the ice. Could not risk anyone doing another Billy. ( Broken leg )
Five minutes into the game and C Stewart opened the scoring for the whites, with a wrist shot past Danny into the right of his net.Within seconds Cally leveled the score by belting a screamer past Jaqui . Then R M scored putting the colours ahead. The game was end to end from start to finish. We were a bit surprised to see Cally having a bit of bother trying to get the puck from the Fenwick Flyer. Or could it be after all these years Alberts finding his feet. There was no respite in the second half, with both sides playing at a 100 mph. It was great to watch The likes of L Tyson, Cally, D Davidson, big Murphy, skating from one end of the ice showing good stick handling skills. Which takes me to when Cally sent me a thirty yard pass, where I skated past the whites defence,then had a shot at Danny. The puck came off his glove and fell to the ice. Danny reached for it, but with my sleek stick skills, and speed ? I knocked the puck past him into the net. I could tell this hurt most of the whites, than a knock back from their wives on a Friday night !!
After the game Hop along Mitchell was showing some of the guys pictures he had taken of the game. Not one of my goal !!!
Hope J Wylie is ok after stopping a puck with the hand he had an operation on. After seeing how the surgeons stitched it, can only hope he never needs plastic surgery to his coupon.
Good to see Murphy back, and Mr Paton.
Last week M Laird was quick to remind me of his three goals and five assists.
If you know of anyone who wants come along you will have to let me know. I have been asked by guys from the Coatbridge teams if theycan come as they have no hockey. I have refused most of them. If anyone is brought along without me knowing. I will turn them away.
Changes for the charity game are. 3. 30== 5, 30 Sunday 30th August. Please let me know if you want to play in the match, or you may get left out.
We had 16 = £160 – £120 for ice = £40

A Pediani D McAlpine G 1
M Laird G 2 L Tyson
D Davidson G 2 P Davidson G 3
J Murphy R M G 2
C Stewart G 6 Cally G 6
R Paton J Wylie
S Mehigan J Morris

Goalies J Jarvie, D Morris
Final score. The colours won, 12 – 10
See you guys on Sunday Davie.